• The Chairman appreciated your comments and wants to move his office to the other quadrant as you suggested, so we're looking at the flipped plan. But now he would like another Interior designer brought in and perhaps look at options on the design and finishes, therefore I'm working with another firm, Gensler.


  • How meeting Grace Salem improved my life!


    Being an interior design consultant myself, basic Feng Shui played a significant role in my work for many years. However it took me another few years to understand and importantly to believe how advanced Feng Shui relates to guided imagery, numerology, astrology and parapsychology. By all means is not only a skill influencing spaces we live in, but can also improve our personal and career live.


    In my case a personal relationship required a lot of coaching. Growing up with parent not being the best role models when it came to relationships, often learning more about conflict management than actual leading an amicable, pleasant relationship. Consulting Grace Salem almost felt a bit like learning to walk again, which can be quite challenging at the age of 37.


    Raised to be an independent woman, relationships were not the main goal in my life, but also seemed somehow not easy achievable.  Therefore failure in those may have effected self esteem and raised in securities, for a successful, attractive woman difficult to acknowledge.


    Raised to be an independent woman, relationships were not the main goal in my life, but also seemed somehow not easy achievable.  Therefore failure in those may have effected self esteem and raised in securities, for a successful, attractive woman difficult to acknowledge.


    My thoughts needed to be controlled in order to attract positive things to happen, which sounds much easier than it is, since I was more into controlling other people (especially in my work) than controlling myself....


    Living in a modern society, we almost lose the ability of intuition and making reasonable decisions, due to our own experience, pressured life style and shifted judgment skills. Surely we believe we are right, especially having read all books covering these subjects trying to get closer to the keys in live and ultimate happiness. It is hard to admit certain sensors are blocked, listening in addition to other people and our "great" friends opinions in regards "what's right and wrong" and "what is normal and not" or "acceptable". Latest then we are so mixed up, that we don't know which reset button to press anymore. The Ashram, traveling the world, Yoga, going into extreme sports, addictive supplements, the psychologist, which prescribes you energy blocking medication etc could all be a temporary solution...


    In my case I chose the personal Grace Salem's-consultation program(which doesn't mean I stopped my other activities and sports)


    The personal goal was to achieve emotional stability and open up for a possible new relationship with a rather potential partner.


    Achieving this status was not an easy path, especially patience not being one of my main qualities.  Nevertheless a after a few months changes started happening, sometimes slowly other times extremely fast all at once. In between of course also down times could return, but started becoming much easier to be dealt with and lasted a lot shorter.


    Emotional stability helped me to look at situations from a different angle, living a more piece-ll but less lonely life with brighter aspects in every day live. The more you give the more you receive may sound very cliche, but what I referring to is just simple things, as making another person laugh and showing interest in their existence, sometimes it takes nothing more...


    And yes I m in a relationship now, as usual it came at the least expected moment, when I was just doing so well without one ;-)

  • Afraid of Sleeping a Lone

    Gone by a Guided Imagery Session with Dr. Grace Salem

    I had a disturbing fear of sleeping at night alone for almost ten years. Every night I asked my sister, who is six years younger than me, to leave her bedroom and to sleep in my bedroom. She was kind enough to not criticize my fear, so she did that every night without complaining. It was something that is embarrassing for someone who is in my age, 23 years old, to have this kind of fear. I went to a psychologist, and nothing worked.

    I attended a workshop in Qatar that was arranged by International Knowledge Center. Dr. Grace Salem, the instructor of the workshop, took us through great guided imagery meditation. One of them was for eliminating the dominant vortexes of thought that have huge effect on our life. While I was in this meditation, I discovered that fear had severe negative impact on my life. I did what I was instructed to do to stop it and eliminate its effect on me. However, it was not fear of sleeping that I was eliminating, it was fear in general. At that night, after the course, I felt very safe and comfortable to sleep alone.  Now, I feel wonderful! My dreams are clearer, and I do not dream of nightmares. I feel free and confident, and I am really grateful for Dr. Grace Salem.

    Thank you very much,

    June 9th, 2013



    I wanted to let you know that that girl you mentioned just quited today.

    She told she found a better job.

    I am ofcourse amazed by the insight you had.

     Kind Regards,



    Whenever I talk to you I get inspired . You speak so much sense and you have a great wisdom that can fill the world with peace and love. I wish I have a mother like you .
    Thank  you for being my inspiration and motivation to move on when I was lost in this world with no one to reach to.

    I love you .




    Hello unti Grace, How are you doing?  
    I'm j.....  well i was brwosing your web site, it's realy amazing, the layout and the colours... it's direct to the point and in a way it's not comercial, because i'm reading a lot about Feng Shui, and i broswed many web sites. But to be ownest with your web gives motivation for the person to know more about the subject.



    On behalf of EMAAR Properties, we would like to thank you for being a part of the Home Improvement Event 2006. We really appreciate you speaking at our event and hope there will be an opportunity for you to speak again in the future should you be willing.

     We conducted a survey at the event and our statistics indicate that over 550 residents attended the seminars on both days. The feedback from the survey was very positive and all residents rated the event as excellent or very good.

    We also asked residents to indicate which part of the event they enjoyed the most; the seminars were clearly the favorite.

    We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

    Community Management Department

    Emaar Properties PJSC



    I would like to thank you for your special care that you provided me with. After doing the personal consultation with you, you still had a strong feeling, correctly so, that I needed more assistant within and the time frame that was provided to me was very limited. Your looked me up and you earnestly provided help at the right time.
    The guided imagery session we had was absolutely an amazing one. Before the session, I had a terrible headache for two days, had a long face and fear of the unknown and the future was haunting me day and night. With one session filled with so much care and concern, my entire self image changed positively, a genuine smile came to my face reflecting the peacefulness I was experiencing from within and the headache just disappeared. Not only that, I had no motivation to do any work but after the session, I achieved more than I could believe.
    It was amazing how you felt that I really needed the help and you took time out of your very busy schedule to get me back on track. Thank you.
    I am looking forward to your Feng Shui work on my apartment.
    Thank you so much Grace and God bless you.




    Thank you for the lovely Feng Shui work you did for my apartment. I have been studying all the different information you provided and per your recommendations, the first thing I did was change where I slept. I haven’t had such a good night sleep in ages and more importantly, I walk up with a fresh feeling unlike the tiredness I have been experiencing and above all, without any of those bad dreams and thoughts.



  • مسااااكي   يا احلى وأصدق وأنعم  خبيرة 'عالمة' بالطاقة  وأجمل  حكيمة   موهوبة  عرفتها  بدربي  ...   خيييييير  ...  بسمة   تحول ا لالم  الى  أمل  ... نوووور  ... يا من أصطفيتي من  النور الأزل  ... لتكوني  سلاااااما  لكل  اخوتك بالنووور  ... من روووحي اشكرك...  لفيض نبعك اللااامحدووود  ...  ودك  ... تواضعك  ...  سعة صدرك  ... و سخااااءك  ...
     الحرف   لايترجم كل ما بالداخل ...فهو  عقيم  ...  خائن  ... لسيل المشاعر الجاااارف ... يوصل القليل القليل من  الحقيقة  ... فأعتذر  لعدم اعطائك حقك   معلمتي الانيقة الجميلة  ... أناقة  باطنك  فاقت أناقة  ظاهرك  ...لست  بمبالغة  ... بل  بالحق  انا أشهد   ...
    قد يتعلم  الانساااان    علما ما   و ينجح  في مجاله ... ولكن من يكون  مفطورا  على  معرفة ما  ...  يبدع فيها ... هو  دائم الخلق  في مجالها ... لانه يأخذ من  نبعه الاصلي الذاتي  ... لا  يغرف من صهاريج الغير
    الفرق  كالفرق بين  الحي  و الميت
    بوركت ايتها  الرائعة البارعة  ...ودمت لنا   نحن محبينك والمبهورين بعلومك وروحك الطاااهرة  ...بفررررح ...بمحبة ... بسلاااااام ... ياااا نووور من نووور الأزل ...
    شكرااااااا على كل شيء ... شكر لا ينتهي ... وامتنااااان  بامتداااد  الكووون...
    سلااااااام سرمدي ...من روووحي لرووحك الطااااهرة   معلمتي
    نمسكاااار  ..
     محبتي العظمى المطلقة اللامشروووطة