About Me

Since the early stages of her life, Grace E. Salem had an innate curiosity for the metaphysical. Her philosophical nature and her quest for the big secrets of the universe led to her studying these subjects.

The culmination of her experiences and knowledge of eastern philosophies and her seeking causalities of human behavior coupled with the rediscovery of Feng Shui in the west, steered Grace to a holistic approach of space realignment.

She studied and learned directly from Chinese and international masters such as Roger Green, Robert Saks, Helen and James Jay, and R.D. chin amongst others. Through her constant trainings and quest for more knowledge she advised hundreds of clients, including celebrities of all kinds, in numerous areas including how to improve their finances, their health, and their relationships etc.

Grace's teaching and counseling itinerary includes one-on-one sessions personal residential, architectural, and real estate at many locations in many languages within several cultures, she also lectures frequently for various organizations and corporations. Her goal is to help educate people about the natural science of Feng Shui, so that people can benefit and enhance their knowledge and practical application in their lives.

Her knowledge of such philosophies led to her deep concern with the mind, body, and soul and their dwelling (living and work space). She inspires individuals to use their personal and material potential to achieve the best out of lives focusing on self-development and transformation.

Some of Grace Salem ‘s specialized lectures :

  • Art in Feng Shui for the Royal Society of Fine Arts
  • Feng Shui for Diplomats: Diplomatic corps in Jordan on mother’s day
  • Feng Shui in Business: YEA (Young Entrepreneurs association)
  • General Feng Shui: IWO (International Women Organization), Jerusalem
  • Feng Shui in Architecture: Panel of Architects, Municipality of greater Amman
  • Holistic Feng Shui: House of Chi in Dubai
  • Rotary Club
  • American Embassy Amman
  • American Women Association (wait-listed)
  • Middle East Natural Products Expo, Dubai
  • The well-being show for the health of the mind, body and soul Jumeira conference center Dubai

Consultant for the Red Crescent

Consultant for the Red Crescent

Member of Feng-Shui Association Central Coast, Ca. USA